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AI solutions offered by ABEJA

In the era of 4th industrial revolution,
implementation of AI, a revolutionary technology,
into business and generation of new profits is the urgent theme for every industry
to survive in society during this drastic turning point.

ABEJA, a leading company specialized in Deep Learning,
with wealth of experiences in AI implementation with over 100 companies globally,
ABEJA is dedicated to fully support business from AI implementation to operation,
using our vast knowledge and know-how to meet our clients' needs and circumstances.

We don't let it end with the trial phase.
We implement AI technology to your business.

ABEJA Platform

AI is not finished when it's made. It is only the beginning with it is launched into a business environment. It takes much more than just operation and maintenance, it is key to build a structure that allows the AI to develop and grow through the use of new data on regular basis.

As an model base of deep learning we developed the "ABEJA Platform" in-house. We will support AI implementation into businesses from various angles, including not limited to operation and relearning processes.

Experience of AI implementation into business of over 150 companies

We support over 150 companies in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to infrastructure, logistics, and retail, with application of AI into their businesses.
Based on our knowledge and expertise of AI, we support companies' AI implementation.

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AI solutions offered by ABEJA

  • Behavioral Analysis of <br>Skilled Craftsman

    Behavioral Analysis of
    Skilled Craftsman

    AI analyzes the working process of skilled craftsman. Applicable for making instruction manuals for non-experts.

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  • Product classification

    Product classification

    AI enables automated commodity selection and assortment work.

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  • Demand Prediction at Factory

    Demand Prediction at Factory

    Prediction of the volume of products to be manufactured and when to be sold. Possible to realize optimization of stock by AI.

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  • Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic Pricing

    Based on the market demands and commodity supply circumstances, prices can be changed in real time.

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  • Efficiency in Maintenance Support

    Efficiency in Maintenance Support

    Predict repair methods and necessary parts based on the problem description in inquiries. AI supports the improvement of repair rate.

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  • Retail Store Analysis

    Retail Store Analysis

    Obtaining and analyzing customers' behavior data such as age, sex, visit rate, repeat rate

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  • Flow Analysis

    Flow Analysis

    Tracking the line of people's flow at various locations such as retail stores, commercial facility, airport, warehouse, etc.

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End-to-end process from concept to deployment

We provide overall AI project support
based on the customers' situation and needs.

  • 1Planning the policy
    for utilization
  • 2Trial
  • 3Development
  • 4Application,
  • Step1Planning the policy
    for utilization

    We listen to the customer responsible and contacts, collect existing data, confirm resources. Then we configurate a theme and scope after clarifying objectives and achievements to be accomplished by the use of AI. Taking priority, possibility, and feasibility into consideration, we draw up a business plan including calculation of cost-effectiveness.

  • Step2Trial

    After collection and accumulation of datasets needed to analyze and learn for realization of the operation, we conduct a trial analysis called PoC (Proof of Concept). Through the analysis using simple system data, we verify the possibility of AI practicality towards the project requirements.

  • Step3Development

    After succeeding the trial, we develop a system to be implemented for the actual environment. We design and develop overall system from collecting and accumulating data, learning method for AI model, deploying AI model into actual environment, and operation.

  • Step4Application, Relearn

    To maintain and improve the accuracy of AI model, consistent relearning after implementation is necessary. As ABEJA develops original base of AI and deep learning, "ABEJA Platform", we conduct and maintain AI smoothly after implementation into the actual environment.

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