ABEJA Platform Partner Ecosystem

ABEJA Platform has the ABEJA Platform Partner Ecosystm (APPE) which enlarges the ecosystem of IoT x Big Data x AI. We also develop services and generate new value from data for all industries.

ABEJA Platform is a cloud-type platform which collects the various real-data created by IoT and the data saved by conventional systems. In addition, the ABEJA Platform preserves numerous data, so called "Big Data," and makes use of AI, especially deep learning. APPE partners can make use of the structure of cloud computing based on the world’s most cutting-edge technologies developed by ABEJA, and create innovations in a wide range of industries.

Our Partners

IoT Device Partners
IoT Network Partners
System Integration Partners
Consulting Partners
API Economy Partners

The types partners and their privileges

APPE consists of 5 partners: an IoT Device Partner, an IoT Network Partner, a System Integration Partner, a Consulting Partner, and API Economy Partner.

  • Types of Partners
  • IoT Device Partner
    The IoT Device Partner company provides various IoT devices, such as sensors, to gather real-life data and actuator outputed from analyzed data.
  • IoT Network Partner
    The IoT Network Partner is a service company which provides very reliable communication services that enable each IoT device to be connected with the ABEJA Platform safely.
  • System Integration Partner
    The System Integration Partner company integrates customers’ pre-existing system and the ABEJA Platform.
  • Consulting Partner
    Consulting Partners provide valuable solutions to customers from a wide range of industries with the use of the ABEJA Platform’s cutting-edge technologies.
  • API Economy Partner
    The API Economy Partner company holds a variety of data that can be connected to the ABEJA Platform via API connection.

To apply for this program, please submit an application form. Once you have apply, you will become an “APPE Applied Partner.” After you have met certain conditions, you will be “APPE Certified Partner;” information and contents about the utilizations of the ABEJA Platform will be provided to “APPE Certified Partners.” (α version)

If you wish to join our partnership, please send us an email.