Customers Success Story

Examples of innovation in action by ABEJA Platform Annotation

  • Cyber Agent
  • YAHOO!
  • mercari
  • DeNA
  • FiNC Technologies
  • Topcon
  • Morpho
  • Blue Lab
  • ACES
  • DENSO International Asia Co.,Ltd.(DIAT)

    DENSO International Asia Co.,Ltd.(DIAT)

    Streamlining manufacturing using ”ABEJA Platform Annotation”. ABEJA kept improving the tool to meet our challenging and highly specific demands. The best partner to work with as one team when introducing AI.

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  • LIFULL Co., Ltd.

    LIFULL Co., Ltd.

    I thought, "Annotation is the same everywhere." What I noticed doing at ABEJA

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  • FiNC Technologies Inc.

    FiNC Technologies Inc.

    A time-limited, challenging and government-led project to develop a refined AI model for diet analysis
    The project was successful with ABEJA's continuous support at our disposal

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