The World’s most progressive AI technology, for your business

The ABEJA platform is an innovative AI platform consisting of cutting-edge AI technologies ranging from IoT, Big Data and Deep Learning.

Epochal AI platform promotes
the utilization of any data.

While the amount of data circulation was 4.4 zettabytes in 2013,
the amount of data circulation is expected to reach 44 zettabytes in 2020.
How do we accumulate and utilise the mass and diverse sets of data?
Additionally, how do we derive new value out of the data?
ABEJA Platform is the world’s most advanced AI platform techonology,
which promote the utilization of all kinds of data by tackling technological problems
that will become more complicated and serious in the future.

Data Analysis Platform gathers IoT,
Big Data and cutting-edge AI technologies together.

  • Image Analysis
    Provides high-level image analysis function using Deep Learning.
  • Execution
    Processes large-scale data at high speed through advanced decentralised processing.
  • Learning
    Analyses accumulated data by utilising Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Reporting
    Easily outputs analysis result at any system by API.

First, accumulate data for analysis.
The ABEJA Platform is most apt in helping you
to start accumulating data.

  • Easily save data via API.

  • Can insert any data no matter how big.

  • Save data on a platform safely.

We are currently creating new from massive data
supplied by tens of thousands of IoT devices.

  • Accumulate and administer various IoT sensor data on the platform, and optimise manufacturing processes.

  • Accumulate sensor data high volumes of data acquired by drones and robots, which can be used to conduct a high-level analysis through the use of Deep Learning.

  • Collect time-series data and sensor data, such as images and sounds continuously. They make it posssibe to detect failures accurately by analyzing with Deep Learing.

  • Optimise store management and inventory management by accumulating sensor data like RFDI and IoT, then go even further and combine them with POS and CRM data.