ABEJA’s high-level technical fulfillment of social implementation is founded on our laboratory, operations and engineer culture

“Laboratory” is our in-house institution conducting higher-level specialized research

ABEJA has a laboratory that performs activities to make research seeds grow into business.
Catching up with the most up-to-date research papers, our lab workers visit various venues such as academic conferences, scientific exhibitions and research bodies both in Japan and overseas to actively exchange information with researchers from around the world.

Our research and development are also supported by the world-leading university professors working as advisors at ABEJA.
We discover the technological seeds as early as they are still no more than concepts in papers, then start iterations of implementation and verification.
The technical strength of ABEJA is based on our ability to carry out research and business development by focusing not only on the present but on the future.

“Operations” ensuring the stable running of thousands of IoT devices and servers

ABEJA conducts in-house development of the cloud computing infrastructures to efficiently control exploding IoT devices, with the diverse knowledges about softwares including artificial intelligence, networks and IoT hardwares covering both input and output of data.
We also promote our improvement with developing tools for operation that enable a small staff to control thousands of IoT cameras and servers.

In order to convert data into highly applicable sources, ABEJA develops high-end analyzing systems for accumulated data from vast numbers of IoT devices.
It has promoted our engineers to develop full-stack and sophisticated skills, and attracted many competent personnel.

“Engineer culture” flexibly adopting anything new, anything good

ABEJA aims to realize whole new services not yet existing in this world.
The development and operation with tools and services available now, therefore, would not always meet the service levels we hope to reach.
This is why we are willing to try new technologies, examine the effect of their usage in an operation phase, then promptly put eligible tools and services into production.
We also have enough swiftness to self-develop any necessary tool straight away whenever we cannot find it out there.

As it turned out, we have created our engineer culture encouraging the engineers specialized in IoT, big data and artificial intelligence to communicate and cooperate across fields.