A business ecosystem
evolved around IoT × Big Data × AI
for the new era

A platform integrating state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies including IoT, big data and deep learning.
ABEJA Platform enables you to carry out sophisticated analyses with accumulated data.

ABEJA Platform Special website

Services to support reforms in various industries based on the wide ranging functions of ABEJA Platform from data acquisition to analysis

We offer variety of services optimized for each industry, on the basis of ABEJA Platform.

For retailers and distributors

ABEJA Insight for Retail

Store business optimization based on the customer behavior data.
This is a service for retail and distribution companies that supports analysis and utilization of store business data and inventory management optimization, with a focus on the visualization of in-store customers’ behavior.

Website for retailers and distributors

For manufacturers

ABEJA Insight for Manufacture

Greater efficiency of production in manufacturing workplaces through automatic inspection.
This is a service that dramatically improves production efficiency in manufacturing workplaces by automatic product inspection and prediction of machinery failures.

Website for manufacturers

For infrastructure companies

ABEJA Insight for Infrastructure

High-level detection of malfunctions drawn upon the strength of deep learning.
Intelligently examined data on machinery operation enables real-time detection of possible malfunctions. This is a service for infrastructure companies that prevents breakdowns and other troubles in order to support stable operation of equipments.

Website for infrastructure companies