We built a

ABEJA is a company with the faith in “Technopreneurship”.
“Technopreneur” is a term coined by combining the words technology and entrepreneur.
It denotes a person with technical ability and business independence who prouds oneself on sophisticated expertise and skills.
With their intelligence and practices, the “Technopreneurs” have created their business so as to bring novel value to the world.

Another personality esteemed at ABEJA is found in a person mastering “liberal arts”.
The “liberal arts” are subjects or skills considered essential for a free person which have the origin in Ancient Greece. It means nurturing an all-around ability for one’s life.

“Technopreneurship” at ABEJA is the spirit of mastering technology and liberal arts, on the basis of entrepreneurship.
ABEJA hopes to create a better world together with people having enough ability to make decisions with a sense of ethics, in addition to any solid expertise.

Join us to create future settings
for our life in 100 years' time.