Privacy Policy

ABEJA, Inc. (the “Company”) shall comply with the laws and regulations on personal rights protection and personal information by being fully aware of the Company’s social mission concerning the protection of any and all personal information it handles. Moreover, the Company hereby declares that it shall build a personal information protection management system aimed at putting the following policy into practice and shall strive to constantly improve the system on a company-wide basis while always maintaining awareness of the latest IT technological developments, changing social needs and the altering operating environment.
The Company shall make this policy statement known to all employees by distributing a copy of it to them and take steps to make it available to any person at all times by posting the statement on the organization’s official website and brochures from it.

1. Definition of personal information
The Term “Personal Information” as used herein shall be defined as such information on an individual person as enables him or her to be identified as a specific person with his or her name, date of birth or other description.
2. Acquisition of personal information and intended uses

The Company shall acquire, use and/or provide personal information solely to the extent that is necessary for legitimately executing business activities in its operations, employing employees and managing human resources, and shall refrain from handling personal information beyond the extent that is necessary for achieving the following use purposes specified below (unintended use). Moreover, the Company shall take steps to prevent unintended use.

  • The purpose of providing products handled by the Company and its services
  • The purpose of delivering the latest information on products handled by the Company and its services, publicizing various seminars and exhibitions, and engaging in sales activities
  • The purpose of conducting research and development intended to provide products handled by the Company and its services and expand or improve functions
  • The purpose of developing new products or services and conducting marketing
  • The purpose of running a campaign, questionnaire survey such as examination as well as a monitoring or information gathering
  • The purpose of personalizing a website or e-mail service
  • The purpose of engaging in recruitment activities or managing human resources
  • The purpose of converting business card information into a database
  • The purpose of dealing with inquiries
  • The purpose of conducting an examination on acts prohibited by use regulations
3. Compliance with laws, guidelines and codes
The Company shall comply with laws, government-stipulated guidelines and other codes on personal information protection.
4. Management of personal information

The Company shall work to continually improve its management system for personal information protection by revising it timely and appropriately in consideration of the changing environment for the organization. Unless obtaining the consent of the subject person, the  Company shall not provide a third party with personal information acquired by the organization; provided, however, that, for holding a sponsorship seminar or a co-sponsorship seminar, the Company may potentially provide the personal information of applicants to the co-sponsor company. For any of the above-mentioned intended uses, the Company may potentially provide personal information to one of its group companies (including a joint venture company) as well as a company contracted to perform the task of converting business card information into a database (limited to business card information). The scope of the personal information to be provided shall include personal names, departments, positions, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

5. Handling of risks
The Company shall allocate operational resources befitting its business conditions with regard to risks such as the leakage, loss and damage of personal information in an effort to prevent them by taking reasonable security measures, thereby continuing to improve the organization’s personal information security platform. In the event of a risk occurring, the Company shall promptly take a corrective measure.
6. Inquiry and consultation
If a request for disclosure, correction or use suspension is submitted, the Company shall respond to the request pursuant to a procedure specified by the organization. The requesting person should contact the inquiry service desk shown below as the personnel will individually provide information on a specific procedure.
The Company shall respond to a complaint or consultation on the handling of personal information in a prompt, sincere and adequate manner.
Inquiry service desk
Inquiries on the Personal Information Protection Policy are received at the following service desk.

Personal information inquiry service desk at ABEJA, Inc.
the ARGYLE aoyama WeWork 6F, 2-14-4 Kita aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan
e-mail address:
* Any inquiry made on a Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, year-end or year-start holiday or during the Golden Week period shall be responded to by the Company on the next business day or later.

Established: June 1st, 2017
Revised: February 1st, 2018
Revised: August 7th, 2018
Revised: October 1st, 2018