Notice of Change in Management

ABEJA, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Yousuke Okada, President and COO: Motohiro Koma), a business expanding the social implementation of artificial intelligence using deep learning technology, has made the following decisions at the General Meeting of Shareholders and Executive Board Meeting held on November 30th.

Directors and Corporate Auditors

Name New Position Previous Position
Yousuke Okada Founder, CEO / Chairman President & Representative Director, CEO
Motohiro Koma (newly appointed) President, COO President’s Office Manager
Kunihiro Tanaka Outside Director same as on the left
Koji Asano Outside Director same as on the left
Ryosuke Takatsuki Outside Director
Tetsu Sato Outside Director
Junichi Tobaru Full-time Standing Auditor same as on the left
Takuma Shimizu Outside Auditor same as on the left
Masaaki Aoyama Outside Auditor same as on the left

Executive Positions

Name New Position Previous Position
Naoki Tonogi Executive Officer, Head of CEO Office Director
Yuta Kikuchi Executive Officer, Head of New Business Development Director in charge of business
Junya Morita (newly appointed) Executive Officer, Head of New Business Development Head of Admin

The Background of the change
ABEJA, Inc. has introduced an executive officer system to drive better business and organization capable of scaling and accommodating to new growth. By appointing talented officers with experience in managing teams of hundreds of employees, we aim to make an even greater social impact. The purpose of this change in management structure is to accomplish our mission to transform the industrial structure with the power of technology, making the most of ABEJA’s expertise, which founded in 2012 at the dawn of AI and deep learning technology, with our abundant experience in the field to expand our reach to new customers.

Overview of the New Board Member
Motohiro Koma
Born in Osaka, 1979. After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Koma joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2002. As an engineer and data scientist, Koma was part of search engines development and product development using Machine Learning and Natural language processing before shifting to management. As the senior product manager in charge of search engines, he led a number of large projects. In 2012, Koma was appointed as the head of the data solution division and General Director and led organization building for company-wide data integration, business strategy development and execution. Later, he joined KDDI Corporation, then moved onto Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., in 2017, and served as Director of corporate data & AI strategies. In 2020, he became Executive Officer, the head of the data strategy division and President’s Office Manager at FLYWHEEL, Inc. In September of the same year, Koma joined ABEJA, Inc., as President’s Office Manager. He has been in the current position since December 2020. Formerly, he was a part-time lecturer at Waseda University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a part-time researcher at Kyoto University.

About ABEJA, Inc.
With our corporate philosophy, “Implement a Fruitful World”, ABEJA applies cutting edge technology particularly AI to transform the industrial structure. We support the implementation of AI and DX in a wide variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, distribution and infrastructure among others. ABEJA has been highly evaluated in and outside Japan. We are the first company in japan to receive an investment from Google USA in December 2018, and we were also selected by the World Economic Forum as a “Technology Pioneer” in June 2020.

Representative: Yousuke Okada, Founder, CEO / Chairman
Located: the ARGYLE aoyama WeWork 6F, 2-14-4 Kita aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061 , Japan
Business Content: Social implementation of Artificial Intelligence

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