【NEWS】 ABEJA Platform Passes the APN Technical Baseline Review in Japan for the First Time

On August 16, 2019, ABEJA Platform, which conserves developers the labor necessary for AI development and operation, passed the APN Technical Baseline Review in Japan for the very first time. 

  In the AWS technology partner network, ABEJA has acquired “AWS Machine Learning Competency” for the first time within APAC, including Japan, on December 2018. Among them, the passage of the APN Technical Baseline Review means that the ABEJA Platform has been evaluated as a platform that meets the screening criteria that focuses on infrastructure, application, and operational processes. As a result, ABEJA has been recognized to have the skills in solving technical and security concerns that may arise from the usage of the ABEJA Platform.  

 By providing various functions on the ABEJA Platform to make AI operation and development more efficient than before, ABEJA aims to accelerate the expansion of the AI/machine learning market in Japan and APAC and lead the democratization of AI. 

■ What Is the ABEJA Platform? 
A company-developed platform that can consistently advance the processes essential to AI applied to business such as data acquisition, storage, annotation (teacher’s data formation), learning, deployment, inference, and relearning. ABEJA has provided AI implementation achievements and know-hows cultivated since 2012 and constructed an environment that can implement AI into business the fastest and the quickest. So far, the Platform has been introduced to over 150 companies. 
Service Introduction Website:https://abejainc.com/platform/en/

■ Regarding the APN Technical Baseline Review

■ ABEJA, Inc
ABEJA provides AI based development tools for industrial reformation across various use cases. Since its establishment in 2012, ABEJA has developed state-of-the-art Deep Learning solutions for corporations following our mission of “Implement a Fruitful World”. ABEJA supports end-to-end process ranging from AI implementation to its utilization in industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure etc. In March 2017,Singapore office was established as a subsidiary to expand its operations globally with special focus in ASEAN region.

 Corporate Name: ABEJA, Inc.
 Representative: Yousuke Okada, President & Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer Headquarters
 Address: NBF Platinum Tower 10F, 1-12-3 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Business Description: A business that Implements AI socially through the utilization of deep learning
 URL :https://abejainc.com

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