Inauguration of “Ethical Approach to AI”, a committee with a blend of intellectuals to discuss ethical, legal and societal issues in AI

On 30th July 2019, ABEJA Inc., a provider of AI solutions to society, inaugurates a committee, “Ethical Approach to AI (EAA)” where external intellectuals discuss issues related to AI in ethical and legal points of view.
While AI makes contributions to solve social problems, it is pointed out that there are issues triggered by discrimination and bias. With such a situation in the background, discussions on AI is getting more active in terms of ethical, legal and societal points of view in every country including Japan. We see new guidelines related to AI development and usage one after another these days.

With our corporate philosophy “Implement a Fruitful World”, ABEJA pursues industrial structure reform leveraging the power of state-of-the-art technology, particularly AI. With the spirit “technopreneurship” that we stand up for, we challenge to create innovations by technology and make impactful contribution to society. We keep asking ourselves with insights gained by liberal arts. This is the attitude we value while aiming for our vision “Implement a Fruitful World”.

To embody ABEJA’s spirit, we have established EAA with a blend of external intellectuals from legal, academic, cultural and news media fields. We will receive opinions and insights from the committee, and endeavor to reflect them to our business operations.
The 1st EAA meeting will be held in the morning on 30th July. After the meeting, Yousuke Okada, President & Representative Director, CEO of ABEJA, and committee members will greet and speak in a press conference for 15 minutes from 13:15. If you would like to register for the press conference, please contact ABEJA PR with information about your name and the news media organization you belong.

■ How we regard “Ethical Approach to AI (EAA)”
Among all the areas of compliance in the company, “Ethical Approach to AI (EAA)” talks over issues on “AI-related laws and ethics”. To secure objectivity and independency, the committee is formed by external intellectuals entirely. Yousuke Okada, President & Representative Director, CEO of ABEJA, will join the discussion to explain each issue and to speak for ABEJA.

■ Discussion topics
1. Advice and proposals for each issue
In the committee, members will discuss open issues related to AI and ethics that ABEJA comes across in business operations. The committee gives constructive advice and suggestions that may lead to enhance and improve ABEJA’s operation.

2. Make internal principle and guidelines on AI usage
The committee aims to make AI usage principle and guidelines to be shared within ABEJA, Inc. It will reflect the trend of AI ethics guidelines, etc., in Japan, EU, etc., and opinions by ABEJA members. There will be some opportunities where ABEJA members and the committee exchange their opinions prior to the establishment of the principle and guidelines.

3. Share knowledges and insights among intellectuals
When the committee works on outlining guidelines and have discussions on issues, the committee members share their viewpoints in terms of overseas politics/law trends and their expert insights. It is to vitalize discussion and to be referred to when they make judgements.

■ Committee members and profiles (in alphabetical order)
Dr.Arisa Ema
Arisa Ema is assistant professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, the University of Tokyo, and visiting researcher at RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP). She is a board member of Japan Deep Learning Association/ Head of public policy committee, Vice-chair of The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Ethics committee. She researches AI ethics and governance. She recently published a book “How to walk in AI society – How do we get on with AI”, etc. She is specialized in Science, Technology and Society.

Hiroyuki Sanbe
Hiroyuki Sanbe is an attorney-at-law and partner at Atsumi & Sakai. He is an attorney licensed both in Japan and in the state of New York in the US. He engages in fields of M&A, investment, securities issue, protection of personal data, IoT/AI/Fintech, etc.
・ Committee on AI Governance of the “Conference toward AI Network Society” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
・ “Innovation Platform for Society5.0 (iPLAS 5.0)” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
・ Learning Support Technology Working Group, Cabinet Office’s Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) Second Phase, Big-data and AI-enabled Cyberspace Technologies

Karyn Nishimura
From France. She was an engineer for a TV station, etc. She lives in Japan since 1999. She was a free journalist before she became a correspondent for a news media agency in Tokyo. In 2002, she published “La telephonie mobile” which summarizes the current status of mobile telecom technology and service. In 2009, her literary work “LES JAPONAIS” won The Shibusawa-Claudel Prize. In 2013, she received a knighthood of National Order of Merit. Her recent publications are “French people don’t mind inconvenience. Japanese people are anxious despite convenience”, etc.

Dr.Hitoshi Matsubara
After working for Electrotechnical Laboratory of The Agency of Industrial Science and Technology belonged to Ministry of International Trade (Currently, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), he currently is a professor at Future University Hakodate since 2000, and also is vice president of the school. He is former president of the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence. He also takes an additional role as technical advisor for ABEJA, Inc. He is specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Game Information Science, Public Transport and Tourist Information Science. His recent publication is “Does AI take on its own spirit?”

Shu Yamaguchi
Independent researcher, author and public speaker. Representative of Leibniz Inc. He engages in strategy planning, cultural policies, organization development, etc., at Dentsu Inc., Boston Consulting Group, etc. His literary work “Why do global elites upskill an aesthetic sense?” received 2018 business book award 2nd prize, etc. His recent publication is “NEWTYPE”.

■ Agenda of the 1st meeting
・Report on ABEJA’s status quo
・Share the latest trends of AI and ethics
・Discuss how we proceed the committee in the future

■ About ABEJA
With its corporate philosophy “Implement a Fruitful World”, ABEJA pursues industrial structure reform by the power of state-of-the-art technology particularly AI. Since establishment in 2012, we develop Deep Learning technology in-house and provide AI solutions to society. We provide end-to-end support for AI implementation and utilization across industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, etc. Having established a local subsidiary in Singapore in March 2017, ABEJA continues to expand its operations globally, focusing on ASEAN countries especially.

Company:ABEJA, Inc.
Representative: Yousuke Okada, President & Representative Director, CEO
Location: 10F NBF Platinum Tower, 1-17-3 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Description of business: A provider of AI solutions to society leveraging Deep Learning technology

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