ABEJA Begins Providing Its “ABEJA Platform” With the Addition of an Annotation Function – Expanding BPO Services for the Training Data Creation Tool and Annotation Work

A driver of innovation in industry through the use of deep learning, ABEJA, Inc. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, CEO & CTO: Yousuke Okada; hereafter, ABEJA) has added an “Annotation” function for creating training data from high volumes of data to the beta-version of its “ABEJA Platform Open,” which uses AI, particularly deep learning, to enable collecting, amassing, learning, inferring, and reporting for large volumes of data by linking with IoT devices and networks, etc. We began providing the updated beta-version to Partner Ecosystem participating companies (hereafter, Partner Companies) on December 6, 2017.

For the purpose of promoting the greater use of AI, particularly deep learning, and easing the application of AI in business, we have created an open version of our “ABEJA Platform,” for which we began providing the alpha-version to partner companies from December 2016 and the beta-version from September 2017. “ABEJA Platform” is an open platform with the required environment for implementing AI, particularly deep learning. The use of this platform enables automation of the various steps and reduces the man-power required to implement deep learning. The annotation function recently added to the “ABEJA Platform Open” beta-version is one of the implementation steps required for utilizing AI, particularly deep learning. Specifically, this step identifies and classifies the high volumes of collected data to create the training data (validated data). This is an important step when creating highly accurate, trained models, but it is an aspect that is difficult to automate using computers. Because human intervention is required to identify and classify the large volumes of data, large numbers of workers are required to annotate the data.

The newly added function automates the annotation process and reduces human labor. As such, the service now provides a tool to more easily and accurately annotate the data, and provides the human resources, under the supervision of ABEJA, required to immediately annotate the large volumes of data. The annotation tool is integrated with the know-how to create the training data at high accuracy, as well as a web application that allows the user to create the annotation work screen and manual used to define the data identification and classification methods, etc. We have secured a regular staff of 10,000 individuals by entering BPO agreements with five annotation partners, ThreePro Group inc. (location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Mineto Murata), Charlie House (location: Funabashi, Chiba, President and Representative Director: Hiroshi Sugimoto), transcosmos inc. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Founder & Group CEO: Koki Okuda), Framgia Inc. (location: Singapore, Group CEO: Makoto Hirai), and mama square (location: Minato-ku, Toyo, President and Representative Director: Satoshi Fujishiro). Because the service utilizes BPO under the supervision of ABEJA, it eliminates the need for AI users to manage human resources and quality, while at the same time enabling secure, highly accurate training data creation. By automating the work, this function greatly reduces the huge workload required to annotate the data as in the past, thus reducing man-power and enabling the smooth application of AI, particularly deep learning, in business.

We have developed an open version of “ABEJA Platform” for the purpose of facilitating application of AI, particularly deep learning, to business and to promote open innovation. At the same time, by advancing the link between IoT, big data, and AI, together with Partner Companies in the Partner Ecosystem we are accelerating the circulation of big data and aiming to create an ecosystem that will further innovation in industry. Through the use of AI, particularly deep learning, we will continue to promote the greater efficiency and automation of businesses in a wide range of industries and settings around the world in order to contribute to innovation in industry.

Annotation Tool UI Screen

Annotation Tool

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