About the handling of your personal information we receive via contact form

1. Name of a business operator
2. Name or appellation, affiliation and contact information of a person (or an agent) responsible for the security control of personal information
Administrator’s title: Personal Information Protection Administrator
Department: ABEJA, Inc. Administration Division
Contact information: Email: sp@abejainc.com
3. Utilization purposes of personal information
  • Dealing with an inquiry (involving a correspondence with a principal)
  • Accepting an application for our service / Implementing and operating the said service (involving a correspondence with a principal)
  • Offering diverse information on the said service
  • Conducting operations regarding a course or a seminar for which a principal applied, such as billing, payment confirmation, shipment of course materials, introduction to other courses and seminars
  • Planning courses and seminars / Offering information on our products and services
  • Sending email newsletters introducing our services and offering diverse information related to the said services
4. Provision of personal information to a third party
We may provide the personal information of a job applicant, including the said person’s name, department and resume, to our business partner by hand-delivering or attaching to an email (as a password-protected document), for the purpose of introducing a controller or a prospective controller.
5. Entrusting of the handling of personal information
In order to properly implement our business, we may outsource a whole or part of the handling of personal information. In that case we will select an entrusted party with high-level expertise in personal information protection, make a contract for the proper controlling and confidentiality of personal information, and exercise necessary supervision to ensure the appropriate controlling is implemented.
6. Request for disclosure and other handling of personal information
A principal can request for disclosure and other needed handling of the owned personal information. We will take the identification procedure and respond to the request within a reasonable period of time.
[Point of Contact]
Contact for personal information at ABEJA, Inc.
NBF Platinum Tower, 1-17-3 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0072
Email: sp@abejainc.com
* Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, during the year end & new year holidays and the Japanese Golden Week in May. We would respond to your inquiry on the next business day or later if we receive it during these periods.
7. Optionality in the provision of personal information
The provision of your personal information is optional. However, in cases where any necessary data will not be provided, we may not appropriately respond to your needs.

Our Policy for Privacy Information Protection

ABEJA, Inc. will respond to requests from a principal for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, and rejection of usage or provision of personal information we acquire. Please refer to our privacy policy for the procedures to make a request exemplified above.