Board Members

Yousuke Okada

Founder & CEO

Yousuke Okada

Born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in 1988. Okada started programming at the age of ten. Majored in CG at high school and won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award in the All Japan High School Design Competition. As a university student, he presented his CG-related research at a number of international conferences. In September 2012, after working at an IT startup company, he founded ABEJA, Inc., which specializes in implementing AI solutions in society. In 2017, with other board members, he co-founded the Japan Deep Learning Association, which aims to improve Japan’s industrial competitiveness by AI and deep learning technology, where he currently serves as a board member. From October 2019, he is also the CEO of ABEJA Technologies, Inc., ABEJA’s subsidiary in Silicon Valley in the US.


Motohiro Koma

Born in Osaka, 1979. After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Koma joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2002. As an engineer and data scientist, Koma was part of search engines development and product development using Machine Learning and Natural language processing before shifting to management. As the senior product manager in charge of search engines, he led a number of large projects. In 2012, Koma was appointed as the head of the data solution division and General Director and led organization building for company-wide data integration, business strategy development and execution. Later, he joined KDDI Corporation, then moved onto Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., in 2017, and served as Director of corporate data & AI strategies. In 2020, he became Executive Officer, the head of the data strategy division and President's Office Manager at FLYWHEEL, Inc. In September of the same year, Koma joined ABEJA, Inc., as President's Office Manager. He has been in the current position since December 2020. Formerly, he was a part-time lecturer at Waseda University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a part-time researcher at Kyoto University.

Executive Officer, Head of CEO Office

Naoki Tonogi

Born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in 1988. As a student in the School of Economics, Nagoya University, Tonogi took part in the launching of VOYAGEGROUP Nagoya Lab, where he was engaged in new business development for smartphones as a business leader. In 2012, he joined a professional firm that specializes in new business consultancy, in which he supported business incubation at several major listed companies and gained project management experiences. Joined ABEJA, Inc., in June 2013, and became Director in September of the same year. After holding major executive positions such as COO and CFO, he has been in charge of directing business operations in the ASEAN, mainly Singapore, since March 2017. He has been in the current position since Dec 2020.

Executive Officer, Head of Administration

Junya Morita

Born in Osaka in 1986. After graduating from Kyoto University, Morita joined mixi, Inc., in 2011. He was assigned to the Business Strategy Department, where he formulated strategies for SNS business and promoted financial business management strategies. He introduced a profit model system within departments and planned the shift away from a solely SNS business dependent company. In 2014, he temporarily transferred to mixi’s subsidiary company where he became the Director, and engaged in the integration of two subsidiary companies. Morita then worked as a freelancer supporting M&A projects for a number of companies. In 2017, he joined BizReach, Inc., and promoted business model reform as a specialist of sales and business planning. Joined ABEJA, Inc., in 2018. As the head of the administration department, he led the overall operation of the department, organization management, and fundraising. He has been in the current position since Dec 2020.

Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Strategy

Masafumi Kinoshita

Born in 1987 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from the Faculty of Science at Nagoya University, he joined Leverages in 2012 and worked in the Human Resources Department where he was involved in building a new graduate recruitment system and upgrading the personnel evaluation system. He also gained experience in the Marketing Department, where he built a data-driven marketing system, established a data analysis team, and was appointed as the team leader. In 2015, he launched a new business and became the business manager. In 2017, he moved to the Corporate Planning Office, where he was in charge of supporting businesses, promoting AI adoption and People Analytics. He joined ABEJA in January 2019, and became the Sales Strategy Manager of the AI Solution Business in March 2021. He has been in the current position since September 2021.

Executive Officer, Head of AI Solution Business

Daisaku Matsumoto

Born in 1976 in Chiba Prefecture. After graduating from university, Matsumoto started his career as one of the first Java programmers. He moved to a major system integration company, where he experienced system development, project management, and the launch and operation of a SaaS-type linguistic analysis service as a business manager. At the same time, he was involved in the service division of a mobile carrier and the project management division of an MVNE startup, where he planned and managed new services. In 2012, he joined Yahoo and as a project manager, he promoted the Yahoo multi-big data concept. He developed the "Yahoo! DMP", inaugurated a team to promote the introduction, and supported many companies in introducing data marketing. In 2019, he joined Recruit Holdings as a manager of data utilization organization and promoted data utilization in ID business and beauty business. He joined ABEJA in March 2021, took a role as Group Manager of the AI Solution Business in June 2021. He has been in his current position since December 2021.

Executive Officer, Head of Customer Success Management

Keita Yanagida

Born in 1982. Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. He worked as a trader and quantitative researcher in the equity derivatives division at JPMorgan's Tokyo and Hong Kong offices, where he was involved in structuring, modeling, trading and risk management of derivative products using financial engineering. Then he moved to an independent consulting PE investment firm, where he provided hands-on consulting services to client companies and investors in a wide range of industries, including mid-term strategy development, new business development, business turnaround, operational improvement, and digital transformation. He was also involved in investment activities such as corporate valuation, due diligence, and execution of investment projects. He joined ABEJA in 2019, and as a group manager of the Customer Success Division in the AI Solution business, he has been involved in extensive activities from sales to project management and business strategy planning. He has been in his current position since December 2021.

Executive Officer, CFO, Head of Finance & Accounting

Kazuki Hanabusa

Certified Public Accountant. Born in 1978 in Tokyo. After graduating from the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University, he joined Nomura Securities, where he was engaged in M&A advisory in the Corporate Information Department and IPO advisory in the Public Underwriting Department, where he was engaged in large M&A transactions and led the team as a deal manager. In 2013, he joined IRIDGE and took a role as CFO, where he was in charge of establishing internal controls and preparing for the IPO, and the company was listed on Mothers in 2015. He raised funds through third-party allocations of new shares, made subsidiaries through mergers and acquisitions, and executed mergers. In November 2021, he joined ABEJA and he has been in current position since December 2021.

Outside Director

Kunihiro Tanaka

Born in 1978, from Osaka Prefecture. In 1996, while being a student at Maizuru National College of Technology, Tanaka established Sakura Internet Inc., and started an internet server business which was still uncommon at the time. The company became listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2005, then on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015. He is an engineer originally, and has extensive entrepreneurial experience. He mentors startup companies and student engineers.

Outside Director

Koji Asano

Born in 1979, from Hyogo Prefecture. In 2003, Asano started his career at Link and Motivation Inc., where he led business including the launching of organizational improvement cloud “Motivation Cloud”, then took a role as Managing Director in 2018. He was appointed as Representative of People Tech Studios, Representative Director and CEO of Knowledge Work Management Co., in April 2020. He is the author of several books, including “THE TEAM - 5 laws” (NewsPicks Book).

Outside Director

Ryosuke Takatsuki

Born in 1971. After gaining experience in the Industrial Bank of Japan and the Internet Research Institute, he joined Inspire Inc., in 2001 (in the current position since 2008). Aiming to embody innovation, he developed new businesses based on capital and business alliances with business corporations, and made equity investments in startups with innovative technologies. Currently, he is the President of Inspire PNB Partners, the first Islamic law-qualified venture fund in Japan. He is also a visiting professor at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, KIT Toranomon Graduate School of Intellectual Property and Creative Systems, and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

Outside Director

Hitoshi Matono

Born in 1975 in Nara Prefecture. In 1997, he joined Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Company (Currently Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.). In 2020, he was appointed as a Special Assignment Manager of the Digital Strategy Department at SOMPO Holdings Inc. In 2021, he was appointed concurrently as the General Manager of the Digital Strategy Department and the General Manager of the Data Management Office. He was engaged in product development of insurance products, formulation and execution of business strategies for the group and operating companies, and strategic investment and M&A operations. Currently, he promotes the execution of the company's digital strategy and the creation of new businesses through the use of real data.

Full-time Standing Auditor

Junichi Tobaru

Born in Okinawa Prefecture in 1982. Tobaru joined KPMG AZSA in 2007, where he was engaged in financial statement audits of Japanese subsidiaries of listed real estate companies and overseas corporations, DD/Planning support for business revitalization, and DD in M&A, etc. Registered as a certified public accountant in 2010 and became a certified public accountant in 2013. He joined PwC Taiwan, where he supported Japanese companies and FA work for Japanese companies in connection with their acquisition of Taiwanese companies. In 2018, he established Tobaru CPA Firm (AND B Accounting Firm). He provides accounting consulting services, various tax services, support for start-up companies, and serves as an auditor for corporations.

Outside Auditor

Takuma Shimizu

Born in Tokyo in 1975. After registering as a lawyer, Shimizu joined the International Division of Asahi Law Office (Nishimura Asahi). He established the Iota Law Office and is currently the representative attorney. In addition to his work as an attorney focusing on corporate legal affairs, he is also an adjunct lecturer (Civil Law Seminar and Judicial Systems) at Keio University's Faculty of Law, and in addition to serving as an outside corporate auditor of the firm, he is an outside director (member of the audit committee) of CRE Inc. (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange), a supervisory officer of Kajima Private REIT Investment Corporation, and a supervisory board member of CBcloud. He is also involved in numerous activities as an outside director of other medical corporations, clinical trial review committees, fishing cooperatives, and other organizations.

Outside Auditor

Masaaki Aoyama

Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1979. Aoyama joined Dream Incubator Inc. in 2004 and was appointed as an executive officer in 2015. He assists companies in developing and executing management strategies, business strategies, sales and marketing strategies, new business strategies, and business development strategies, including M&A. In 2012, he became a director of Ipet Insurance Co. Ltd. and in 2016, was appointed as a director and managing executive officer of the company. In 2018, he was appointed as a corporate outside auditor of VisasQ Inc.



Hitoshi Matsubara

Doctor of Engineering. Matsubara graduated from the Faculty of Science, Department of Information Science, The University of Tokyo in 1981, followed by the doctoral course in Information Science and Technology at the Graduate School of Engineering which he completed in 1986. In the same year, he joined the MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) Institute of Electronics Technology (currently National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology). In 2000, he became a professor at Future University Hakodate and became vice president in 2016. In 2020, he became a professor at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. His publications include “Progress in Computer Shogi”, “Can we really make the Astro Boy?”, “A proactive mind”, “Introduction to Tourism Informatics”. Former chairman of The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. Director of the Information Processing Society of Japan and the Society for Tourism Informatics.


Yutaka Matsuo

In 1997, Matsuo graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Tokyo, then completed his postgraduate doctorate at the same university in 2002. Doctor of Engineering (PhD). He then joined the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) as a researcher. In August 2005, he became a visiting scholar at Stanford University. In 2007, he was appointed as an associate professor of the Institute of Engineering Innovation of the School of Engineering/ (an innovation education program)/ the Department of Technology Management for Innovation at The University of Tokyo. Since 2014, he has been a Project Associate Professor and co-chairman of Endowed Chair in Global Consumer Intelligence, Department of Technology Management for Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. His specialty lies in AI, web mining and Big Data analysis. From Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), he received The Best Paper Award (2002), the 20th Anniversary Project Award (2006), a Field Innovation Award (2011) and a Meritorious Service Award (2013). He joined JSAI student editorial board, then served as editorial committee, vice-chairman from 2010, then editor-in-chief and director from 2012. From 2014 to 2018, he was Chairman of the Ethics Committee. In 2017, he was appointed as President of Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA).


Toshimitsu Urabe

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, in March 1978, Urabe joined Mitsubishi Corporation where he gained experience in the Human Resources Department, the President's Office, and Mitsubishi New York in the U.S., before being appointed as General Manager, HR Planning Office, HR Department. In 2000, he was seconded to IT Frontier Corporation (currently Japan Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.), where he was appointed as Executive Officer, Assistant to the President, and Administrative Officer. In 2002, he returned to Mitsubishi Corporation and was appointed as Assistant Director of Corporate Affairs (in charge of business investment) and General Manager of MC Group Management Promotion Office, then subsequently served as General Manager of Human Resources and Assistant Corporate Officer (in charge of business investment), Executive Officer, Representative of China subsidy and President of Hong Kong Mitsubishi Corporation. From 2013, as Managing Executive Officer and CEO of the Business Services Division, he was in charge of IT services business, corporate IT, digital promotion, and led the establishment of a joint venture with TCS in India. He retired in March 2017 and was appointed as Representative Director and Vice President of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co., Ltd. (currently Mitsubishi HC Capital Co., Ltd.) from the same year until March 2021. Since 2019, he has been an External Director (Chairman of the Nomination and Compensation Committee) of Advantest Corporation, and External Director of Japan Business Systems Corporation since April 2021.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name


Headquarters Address

the ARGYLE Aoyama, 2-14-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061 , Japan


September 10, 2012


Yousuke Okada, Founder & CEO


Motohiro Koma, COO
Kunihiro Tanaka, Outside Director
Koji Asano, Outside Director
Ryosuke Takatsuki, Outside Director (President and CEO of INSPiRE Corporation)
Junichi Tobaru, Auditor
Takuma Shimizu, Outside Auditor (Lawyer and Partner of IOTA Law Offices)
Masaaki Aoyama, Outside Auditor (Director of ipet Insurance CO., Ltd./Auditor of VisasQ Inc.)


Hitoshi Matsubara (Professor at Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo)
Yutaka Matsuo (Professor at Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and President of Japan Deep Learning Association)
Toshimitsu Urabe (Former Managing Executive Officer and CEO of Business Service Division, Mitsubishi Corporation)
Koji Bando (CEO at Funai Electric Co., Ltd.)

Major banks

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ebisu Branch
Mizuho Bank, Shibuya Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Hibiya Branch

Number of employees

81(As of September, 2021)

Major shareholders

In-company shareholders:
Archetype Venture Fund, L.P.
inspire investment Co., Ltd
SBI AI & Blockchain LPS (operated by SBI Investment Co., Ltd.)
NTT Plala Inc.
NVIDIA Corporation
Google International LLC
SAKURA Internet Inc.
SOMPO Holdings, Inc.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Daiwa LogiTech inc.
TBS Innovation Partners 2 Investment Partnership (operated by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.)
Topcon Corporation
Hulic Co., Ltd.
PNB-INSPiRE Ethical Fund 1 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

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the ARGYLE Aoyama, 2-14-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061 , Japan

Traffic access

  • - 2 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Gaien-mae Station