Board Members

Yousuke Okada

President & Representative Director

Yousuke Okada

Born in 1988, from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Started programming at the age of just ten. Majored in computer graphics at senior high school and received the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award. During college, he presented his study of 3D computer graphics at international conferences. In 2011, he took a position of director and CTO of Hibiki Inc., with responsibility for its overall technology business including service development. Joined a venture company in Tokyo, got promoted to the youngest manager of the business headquarters only in six months and achieved the business development worth hundred millions of yen in a quarter. Then he visited Silicon Valley to research state-of-the-art computer science, and witnessed the revolutionary advance in artificial intelligence (particularly deep learning). After returning home he founded ABEJA, Inc., as the first venture company specializing in deep learning in Japan. In 2014 he made a speech at "TED x NagoyaU".

Naotatsu Hase

Director (Japan Operations)

Naotatsu Hase

Born in 1988. He joined mixi, Inc., after graduation of university,and became the product owner in June 2012. He took charges of making the messaging real time, which was the core product and had several million users, and also renewal of its community function in a large scale. In December 2014, moved to the president office and worked on M&A relations. He became the board member of Mixi research in January 2015, and was involved widely in sales, product, marketing, personnel management, accounting and finance. He sold the company to Cross Marketing Inc in April 2016, and supported PMI of Cross Marketing Inc. He joined ABEJA in August 2016, and became Director(Japan Operations) in November 2018.

Naoki Tonogi

Director (International Operations)

Naoki Tonogi

Born in 1988, from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Selected as one of the top performers in the Global Human Resources Development Program during his years at the School of Economics, Nagoya University, and also at the time he participated in the launch of the VOYAGEGROUP Nagoya lab and developed new smartphone-related business as a business manager. Joined a professional consulting firm specialized in business incubation in 2012 and experienced business launches and project management at several major companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange until he took his current position.

Keisuke Tomimatsu

Director / Founder

Keisuke Tomimatsu

Born in 1974, from Tokyo. Joined SBC Warburg (currently UBS Securities, Ltd.) in 1997. Moved to UBS Warburg Securities (currently UBS Securities, Ltd.) in 2001, and took a position as an executive director of Financial Products Division in 2006. In 2008, joined Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited as a managing director of Equity Division. In 2009, he joined Morgan Stanley Japan Securities Co., Ltd. (currently Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.) as an executive director of Equities Division. Founded ABEJA, Inc. with the representative Okada in September 2012 and participated in management as an angel investor. Currently serving as an independent director of Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

Outside Director

Ryosuke Takatsuki

Born in 1971, from Hiroshima Prefecture. After taking positions at the Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited and Internet Research Institute, Inc., he joined INSPiRE Corporation (taking office as the president and CEO since 2008). Under the theme of materialization of innovations, he has practiced new business development based on capital and business alliances with industrial corporations, and equity investment in venture companies with innovative technologies. Currently serving as the representative director at Inspire PNB Partners running the first Shariah-compliant venture fund in Japan. Also engaged in activities in interdisciplinary areas, as a guest professor of the graduate program in Intellectual Property creation system at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (K.I.T.) Toranomon Graduate School, and as a lecturer at the Keio University Fukuzawa Yukichi Bunmei Juku.

Outside Director

Ken Yasunaga

Born in 1965. After working at Nissho Iwai Corporation (currently Sojitz corporation), joined Nissho Iwai American Corp. in 1998. Co-founded Entrepia Ventures in 1999. Appointed to a director of the Japan Venture Capital Association in 2010. In 2013, he left Entrepia Ventures and took a position as a managing director of the Strategic Investment Group at the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.


Chief Technical Advisor

Toshiyasu Kunii

Born in 1938. Doctor of Science. Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, School of Science at the University of Tokyo in 1962. Completed his doctorates at the University of Tokyo in 1967, and became a professor in 1978 at the Department of Information Science at his alma mater. Established University of Aizu and became the first president in 1993. Currently serving as a professor emeritus at University of Tokyo and University of Aizu, an honorary visiting professor at University of Bradford in U.K., a senior research fellow at Royal Academy of Engineering in U.K., a life fellow at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), and a fellow at the Information Processing Society of Japan. In 1998, he received the Taylor L. Booth Education Award, the IEEE's highest award for computer education. He also received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in 2014.

Technical Advisor

Takami Yasuda

Doctor of Engineering. In 1986, received the research fellowship for young scientists from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. In 1987, he completed doctoral program at the Department of Information Engineering at Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering and became a teaching assistant at the university. In 1993, there he became an assistant professor at the School of Informatics and Sciences. Then he became a professor at Nagoya University Graduate School of Information Science in 2003, and took a position as its dean in 2015. Became a professor of Nagoya University Graduate School of Informatics and School of Informatics in 2017. Currently serving as the vice chair and a director of Society of Socio-Informatics, a councillor of Japan Information-Culturology Society, and a senior member of IEEE.

Technical Advisor

Hitoshi Matsubara

Doctor of Engineering. Born in Tokyo in 1959. Graduated from the School of Science Department of Information Science at the University of Tokyo in 1981. In 1986, He completed doctoral course in Department of Information Engineering of Tokyo University Graduate School of Engineering, and entered the MITI Electrotechnical Laboratory of the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (currently National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology). Became a professor at Future University Hakodate in 2000, then its vice president in 2016. The author of publications including "Advances in Computer Shogi", "Can we make Tetsuwan Atom?", "Brains predicting the future" and "Introduction to tourism informatics." Served as the previous president of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, a director of Information Processing Society of Japan and a director of Society for Tourism Informatics.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name


Headquarters Address

NBF Platinum Tower, 1-17-3 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0072, Japan


September 10, 2012


Yousuke Okada, President & Representative Director


Naotatsu Hase, Director (Japan Operations)
Naoki Tonogi, Director, Director (International Operations)
Keisuke Tomimatsu, Director (Independent Director of Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.)
Ryosuke Takatsuki, Outside Director (President and CEO of INSPiRE Corporation)
Ken Yasunaga, Outside Director (Managing Director of the Strategic Investment Group at the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan)
Junichi Tobaru, Auditor
Takuma Shimizu, Outside Auditor (Lawyer and Partner of IOTA Law Offices)

Chief Technical Advisor

Toshiyasu Kunii (Professor Emeritus of University of Tokyo and University of Aizu)

Technical Advisors

Takami Yasuda (Professor of Nagoya University Graduate School of Informatics)
Hitoshi Matsubara (Vice Chair of Future University Hakodate and Professor of Department of Complex and Intelligent Systems)
Takayuki Ito (Professor of Ochanomizu University Graduate School Department of Information Sciences)
Hidenori Kawamura (Professor of Hokkaido University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)
Hironobu Fujiyoshi (Professor of Chubu University Department of Robotic Science and Technology, College of Engineering)
Takayoshi Yamashita (Professor of Chubu University Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering)

Yutaka Matsuo (Professor at Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and President of Japan Deep Learning Association)
Masayuki Ohzeki (Associate Professor of Applied Information Sciences, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University/ Associate Professor of Quantum Computing Unit, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Strategic Advisor

Yoshie Munakata (Former Intel Corporation Vice President and Director of Board)

Corporate Lawyer

Katsuya Natori (Representative of Natori Law Office and External Statutory Auditor of Olympus Corporation)
Yoichiro Itakura (Hikari Sogoh Law Offices)

Major banks

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ebisu Branch
Mizuho Bank, Shibuya Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Hibiya Branch

Number of employees


Major shareholders

In-company shareholders:
Archetype Venture Fund, L.P.
Itochu Corporation
inspire investment Co., Ltd
SBI AI & Blockchain LPS (operated by SBI Investment Co., Ltd.)
NTT Plala Inc.
Nvidia Corporation
SAKURA Internet Inc.
Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, inc.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
TBS Innovation Partners 2 Investment Partnership (operated by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.)
Toshiba Tec Corporation
Topcon Corporation
PNB-INSPiRE Ethical Fund 1 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital No. 4 Investment Limited Partnership
Mizuho Growth Support Investment Limited Partnership
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
Google International LLC

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NBF Platinum Tower, 1-17-3 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0072, Japan

Traffic access

  • - 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Shirokane-takanawa Station
  • - 1 minute walk from Toei Mita Line Shirokane-takanawa Station

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C/O SAKURA Internet Inc., Grand Front Osaka Tower A 35F, 4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0011

Nagoya Office

C/O Nishikawa Communications Co. Ltd., Nishikawa Building, 2-11-16 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 461-0005

Singapore Office

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