Enabling AI implementation into businesses

With AI, we provide various solutions such as commodities classification, maintenance support efficiency, behavior analysis of adept workers, and more.

We have supported AI implementation for over 150 companies, ranging industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, and retail. With our experience and expertise, we provide overall support from AI application to utilization.

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Supporting the application and operation of Deep Learning

Our platform supports the entire pipeline of Machine Learning / Deep Learning, from Development, Deployment & Operation.

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Simple dataset creation and labeling tool for training and development of any Deep Learning model with built in outsourcing capability.

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Retail store analysis through AI

The ABEJA Insights for retail analyses your custome'sr behavior, such as customer demographic attributes, visitor flow analysis and prediction of repeating customer visits to provide you with a deeper understanding of your customer base.

ABEJA Insight for Retail

Store business optimization based on the customer behavior data.
This is a service for retail and distribution companies that supports analysis and utilization of store business data and inventory management optimization, with a focus on the visualization of in-store customers’ behavior.

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